Confirmed Members

It is fantastic that so many members have already booked online to attend the ‘DocSoc 77 40th Reunion’ at Gleneagles Hotel, 1-3 September 2017.

Thank you to those below who have already booked, we are looking forward to a memorable event!

  • Philip and Sally Aitchison
  • Graham Alexander
  • Fiona and Iain Annan
  • Ian and Caroline Bashford
  • Peter and Pam Baird
  • Colin and Elizabeth Cackette
  • Norman Chestnut
  • Elliot and Pamela Chisholm
  • David Cochrane
  • Carol and John Cox
  • Keith Cullen
  • Laura Dickson
  • Tricia Donald
  • Robert and Leeanne Doull
  • Richard and Rachel Eastel
  • Grace Fergusson and Kenny MacLeod
  • Ron and Margaret Fergusson
  • Brian Fernandes and Ndubuisi Eke
  • Ian and Caroline Frazer
  • James and Mandy Garden
  • David and Debra Gault
  • Sheila and James Going
  • John and Anne Gunn
  • John and Anne Hamilton
  • Ken and Liz Hare
  • Colin and Sally Howie
  • Neil Harding-Roberts and Annette Jordan
  • Robert and Jan Jeffrey
  • Mary Johnston
  • Jenny and Gareth Jones
  • Norman and Bethe Levvy
  • Ham Koung Ng Lung Kit and Jason Ian Ng Lung Kit
  • Joan Clark and Ken Lipton
  • Malcolm Kerr and Susan Knox
  • Andrew and Ianthe Kinninmonth
  • Ronnie and Amanda Lamont
  • Lynn and David Lawson
  • Carol Leeuwenberg
  • Thornton and Annie MacCallum
  • Malcolm and Fiona MacKinnon
  • Douglas and Isabelle McKenna
  • Ann McDonald and David Bruce
  • Dermot and Laurie McKeown
  • Gillian McLeod
  • Kenneth and Mary Paton
  • Janet Paton
  • David Richmond
  • Jane Ritchie and Alan Mason
  • Derek and Dawn Robertson
  • Erwin and Diane Rodrigues
  • Neil and Jan Simpson
  • Robert Steele and Annie Anderson
  • Robin Strachan
  • WT Andrew Todd
  • Peter and Alison Turnpenny
  • Fiona Warin
  • Rosalie Wilkie
  • John and Jill Wilkinson
  • Alison and Trevor Wilson
  • Catherine and David Wilson
  • Robert Gordon and Naomi Wright
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7 replies
  1. Carol Cox says:

    What fun! Is our theme tune going to be the Beatles’ ” When I’m 64″ ?
    In 1977 that seemed such a long time off!

      • Carol Cox says:

        Yes to the first ; usually I feed him although his culinary skills have expanded out of sight in 40 years!!
        (40th wedding anniversary to follow in October!)
        Looking forward to seeing everyone – still mobile and still with all our marbles – well most of them!!

  2. Bob Doull says:

    Anyone still working who is unmarried/single happy marriage? Seems like most have hung up their stethoscopes, rubber gloves etc
    No excuses from those retired for their golf not to be improved.

    • Bob Doull says:

      For clarification are those few still working only working to patch up financial effects of matrimony failure or for the love of the job? Most folk have I gather retired fully.

  3. Thornton says:

    Hi Bob/Carol,
    Still married to long-suffering Annie – I gave up golf 22 years ago (too busy, but if I’m honest – it just wasn’t important enough) but retired when I was 65 in Feb and have restarted, but I’ve already remembered why it was a good idea to give up…..frustrated golfer?…….me?
    I guess that since retiring, I miss work, but mostly the people…. I will continue trying to embrace retirement.
    Looking forward to September and seeing you all again but am fairly confident nothing will have changed.
    Many thanks to those who have taken the time and effort to organise this……You are all stars.
    Yours aye,

    • Bob Doull says:

      My golf is crap despite playing since I was about 8. One of the reasons i keep working to have an excuse!


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