New Chapters

Alison, Jenny, Tricia and Lynn met recently to discuss plans for this year’s Reunion.  It was a great catch up, the four discussed ‘New Chapters’ in life and how much they are looking forward to coming together with old friends at the Reunion.

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  1. Jenny Jones says:

    It was really good to see Tricia and Lynn. We actually met in ” New Chapters” restaurant and it seemed like a good title for our meeting.
    To be honest, we could have been in “The Mitre”. No matter how long since we each last met, it could as easily have been yesterday. Inevitably as well as discussing, as we had planned, the leisure activities for the reunion, we touched on births, deaths, marriages and retirement. Really looking forward to meeting again sooner than September.

  2. Thornton says:

    Bob…….are you absolutely sure they’re their own? Seriously, I think that they all look brilliant and not one of them a day over 64………. but wasn’t it “The Mortar”?………but what would I know?……………
    Who knew? – from Sandy Bell’s to Gleneagles in only 40 years.
    I am determined to spend at least some of the weekend in my hotel room this time and not in the bar………but then again, perhaps not!
    Travel safely and I look forward to seeing you all.

    Thornton xx

  3. Jenny Jones says:

    Thornton – you are right it was the “Mortar” it’s even on the u-tube at the top of the website.
    Can’t imagine how I could have got the name wrong, we went there most lunchtimes in 2nd year – fresh from anatomy!


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