White Doves have been booked for Saturday 2nd September

We are delighted to have secured the White Doves band to entertain us on Saturday 2nd September for our Gala Dinner.

White Doves are a cool modern band playing songs that everyone will love. With modern day classics making them fresh and exciting alongside some well-chosen hits of yesterday this band will ensure everyone has a good time.

White Doves play the biggest rock and pop hits that keep the dance floor filled from the first note until the final encore. Ranging from cool ballads such as  STAY  by  Sam Smith to  Motown Classics  and the  faithful  recreation of indy hits such as the  Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”  and  “Human” by the killers, White Doves know how to get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there all night.

To find out more about White Doves and view more videos of the band, visit here.

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